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Youth Protection Policy

Youth Protection Policy

In order to protect youth from unhealthy and harmful media, Metoon & Novel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) has designated a person in charge of youth protection in accordance with the [Youth Protection Act], [Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.], etc. and are implementing a youth protection policy.

1. Restriction of youth access to harmful information and management measures
In accordance with the Information and Communication Ethics Committee deliberation regulations and standards for media harmful to youth, the “Company” has established a separate authentication device to prevent youth from accessing harmful information, and at the same time, prevents exposure of harmful information to youth through the display of harmful media to youth. We are taking precautionary measures.

2. Training of personnel in charge of protecting youth from harmful information
The company provides training to information and communications workers on laws and sanctions standards related to youth protection, how to respond when harmful information is discovered, and how to handle violations.

3. Counseling and handling of complaints caused by harmful information
The “Company” receives reports through the reporting center to report and process damage caused by the distribution of harmful media to youth. The email address of the center to report harmful media to youth is specified in the ‘Youth Protection Policy’ and can be checked at any time. If it is confirmed to be a media material harmful to youth, measures such as a warning will be issued to the media registrant or deletion will be taken after reviewing the content for illegality.

4. Person in charge of youth protection and management
The company is doing its best to protect youth by designating a youth protection officer and youth protection officer as listed below.

[Youth Protection Manager]
· Department / Name: Content Business Team / Manager Ryu Chang-su
· Email:
· Phone: +82 70-8299-9952

[Youth Protection Manager]
· Department / Name: Content Business Team / Manager Seo Gyeong-deok
· Email:
· Phone: +82 70-8299-9952

* Report Center: / tel: +82 70-8299-9951



Youth Protection Plan (2024)

1. Measures to delete harmful videos, etc. to protect youth
- Block illegal information: Advertising posts such as gambling and prostitution services - Block illegal videos: media harmful to youth, etc. - Restriction of access to harmful media: Measures to block adult content

2. Counseling and reporting of damage from media materials harmful to youth, etc.
- If damage occurs due to media materials harmful to youth or harmful information, please call the customer center or use the 1:1 counseling bulletin board that is open 24 hours a day for consultation and reporting.
- Customer Center: +82 70-8299-9951 (Weekdays 10:00 ~ 17:00) Unable to connect by phone on weekends/holidays
- 1:1 Counseling Center: [Go]

3. Information on movies recommended for youth, etc.
- Recommended movies for youth: In preparation - Actively informing youth of recommended movies and sites so that youth can use the Internet correctly and grow up with an upright and healthy character.

4. Sanction standards for distribution of media materials harmful to youth
- Suspension of site use

5. Training of practitioners for youth protection
- Establish a plan for timing, frequency, target, and content at least once a year and conduct training for dedicated ministries

6. Information on other organizations
- Korea Communications Standards Commission Illegal and Harmful Information Reporting Center ( Reception and processing of reports of illegal and harmful information for youth, counseling guidance on various damages on the Internet.
- Korea Communications Standards Commission Digital Sex Crime Reporting Center ( Reviews digital sex crime information upon application by the victim and his or her representative and takes corrective action such as requesting correction. (deletion, blocking access)
- Digital Sex Crime Victim Support Center ( Counseling and support for victims of photos or videos taken and distributed without consent, or sexual harassment in cyberspace.
- Internet Addiction Prevention and Counseling Center ( An organization specializing in preventing and resolving smartphone overdependence and Internet addiction, it provides education and counseling to restore balance in life.
- Personal Information Infringement Report Center ( Audit and report compliance with regulations on personal information protection.
- Korea Copyright Commission ( Deliberation on the copyright system and mediation of copyright disputes and consultation.
- Internet Protection Country ( Provides information on various hacking, virus personal information infringement, and illegal spam reports.
- Parent Information Monitoring Group ( Discovers sound and useful information and supports voluntary harmful information monitoring activities.