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Operation Policy

To foster healthy communication and cultural exchange between creators and fans, we have established and enforced regulatory policies on service operation standards and usage.

All content and creators uploaded to the HISPON platform are subject to this guide.

In accordance with the Deliberation Regulations on Information and Communication of the Korea Communications Commission and the Deliberation Regulations of the Youth Protection Committee

All posts, comments, etc. that contain the following content are defined as violations of the Guide.

HISPON monitors the content of all users, and accordingly, content that violates the Guide will be immediately deleted and blocked, and the offending user may be suspended up to account deletion.


[Regulatory items]

1) Obscenity

- Content that exposes male and female genitals, pubic hair, anus, or female nipples, or shows them through transparent clothing, including some intentional nudity and other nudity.

- Sexualized depictions of children and adolescents, or the sexualized use of children and adolescents.

- Exposure while wearing school uniforms in a manner that suggests youthfulness.

- Direct depictions of sexual activity, including ejaculation, oral sex, anal sex, and genital fondling, whether between opposite-sex or same-sex partners. direct depiction of sexual activity, including heterosexual or same-sex ejaculation, oral sex, anal sex, and genital fondling.

- Directly depicts or glorifies sexual assault, sexual crimes such as rape, rape, or rape, or sexual abuse.

- Content that depicts sexual activity, masturbation, etc. using body parts or sexual devices.

- Content depicting abnormal sexual intercourse or perverted sexual desires, such as bestiality, necrophilia, intercourse, sexual torture, etc.

- Content that can be perceived as sexual contact or masturbation, even when naked, half-naked, or clothed.

- Kissing with tongue contact that a reasonable person would consider to be more than light kissing, and Kissing with a wide open mouth.

- Adult typing, adult video chat, adult massage, adult site promotion, and group sex arrangements,

Promoting unhealthy encounters, such as pay-for-play sex partners.


2) Illegal

- Engaging in or promoting prostitution.

- Engaging in or promoting in-game gambling, freeserver, paid proxy ranks.

- Disseminating personal information of others.

- Content that stimulates or glorifies illegal behavior such as sexual assault or drug use.

- Content that glorifies, solicits, or encourages criminal activity.

- Describing in detail the process or results of a crime, such as criminal means or methods, that cause a crime Content that may encourage crime.

- Promoting illegal private gambling sites.

- Soliciting, encouraging, or inducing murder.

- Promoting or directing users to pornographic information or brothels.

- Content that sells or promotes illegal products to users.

- Include programs that harm the user's environment, such as viruses and malware, or induce and distribute installation Induce and distribute installation.

- Any other criminal offense or any content that violates any law.


3) Profanity, violence, hate, mature themes


- Specifically describes information about a youth hazardous drug, harmful substance to promote or or mediate their use.

- Encourages or mediates unhealthy relationships for young people.

- Encourages, glorifies, or facilitates juvenile delinquency, such as running away from home, gangs, suicide, etc. Contains anti-social content.

- Hospital (urology, gynecology, plastic surgery, etc.) content with cosmetic or sex-related content.

- that stimulates or glorifies decadent behavior such as sexual assault, drug use, violent behavior, theft, tattoos, etc. or glorify decadent behavior, such as sexual assault, drugs, violence, theft, or tattoos.

- Insults the personality of others through vulgar expressions such as profanity or verbal abuse, or Contains content that causes offense or disgust.

- Depicts or glorifies acts of violence against the socially disadvantaged or against parents or teachers.

- Glorifies criminal acts or criminals or promotes crime.

- Contains content that specifically describes the efficacy and manufacturing method of harmful drugs for youth, etc. or mediate the manufacture and use of harmful drugs, etc.

- Contains hateful information, such as gruesome scenes of disfigurement or gore. Induce access to a link.

- Any other cases that violate applicable laws and the Terms of Service.


4) Copyright Violations


- Unauthorized editing, publishing, reproducing, distributing, or transmitting material without permission from the copyright holder.

- Infringing on a copyrighted work for which an infringement notification has been received from the copyright holder.

- Copyright infringement of sports, movies, anime, TV channels, etc. that are not licensed to Hispone.

- Sharing materials that are intended to defeat technical protection measures for copyright protection, such as CD key generation programs, bugs, nuclear programs, etc.

sharing or distributing materials that are intended to neutralize technical protection measures for copyright protection.

- Infringing the intellectual property rights of others online or offline, such as pornography, utilities, games, movies, etc. attempting to sell content.

- Unauthorized infringement of another's trademark, design rights, etc.


5) Violating the rights of others


- Unauthorized posting of personal information of third parties (name, social security number, address, photo, cell phone number, e-mail address, user ID, home address, etc.), such as unauthorized posting or leaking to others, which violates the privacy and portrait rights of the individual personal privacy, portrait rights, etc.

- Relaying other people's content without permission.

- Prank calls or other content that causes damage to others.

- Any other content that infringes on the rights of others without legitimate authority.


6) Defamation


- Spreading slander or falsehoods about an individual or organization.

- Contains profane, slanderous, degrading, or vulgar language that is offensive to a person's character, or Contains content that causes offense.

- Attacking, slandering, or insulting the weaknesses of others.

- Revealing private information about another person against their will.

- Disclosing false or unverified information about another person against their will.

- Causing damage to another person's name, identity, social status, personality, etc.

- Demeaning a particular politician and engaging in political propaganda.

- In cases where the acts and targets of defamation other than the above are specified Confirmation of the party's intention to punish.


7) Other (self-criteria)

- Interfering with the operation of the Service or adversely affecting the Service.

- Promoting, subscribing to, or inducing the use of domestic or overseas services that have not been negotiated with Hispon.

- Companies, organizations, and individuals who engage in sales activities that have not been negotiated with Hispon within our platform for the purpose of attracting other platforms, and the act of transmitting on our platform by belonging to them.

- Randomly stealing content from other creators without permission.

- Transmitting content on behalf of others.

- Deceiving users by impersonating the name of the service or the employees or management related to the service, or or causing damage and confusion by impersonating the name of the service or the management staff related to the service.

- Acts that violate the service's own standards other than the above items.


Violation actions

1) Warning


- Minor Violations

- Violations that occurred against the creator's will

- Without the creator's knowledge

- Violations by others


2) Restricted use

- Violation of an operating policy.

- When it is determined that there is impure intent.

- In the case of a very serious violation, such as a violation of social morals and the image of the service.

- If you are found to be in violation of the Content Guidelines, your content may be removed.


3) Detection count actions

- Warning (2 times)

- Account blocking (7 days)

- Account deletion and additional sanctions based on internal consultation with us.


1) Violations will result in warnings and suspension of use.

2) The management of HISPON will notify the creator or user in advance of the reason for the action, the contents of the action, and the period of use restriction through methods such as e-mail or in-service notification. However, if it is necessary to restrict the use of the service urgently, it may be notified after taking measures first. (Depending on the case, legal measures such as criminal prosecution/accusation and civil damages will be taken.)

3) If the policy violation is very serious, such as a serious loss of social good or image of the service. We may proceed with account deletion regardless of previous warnings and suspensions (even for a single offense).

4) Users who are suspended for violating the policy will not be entitled to a refund of purchased points or a redemption of their points. Points cannot be refunded or exchanged.

5) If you wish to appeal and have your service use restrictions restored, you may do so through a "1:1" inquiry at the Hispon Customer Center within 30 days from the date you were notified of the measures such as service use restrictions. In this case, you must submit the necessary supporting materials in good faith. If the request is justified, the measures such as usage restrictions will be removed and the deleted content will be restored.